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Glider Stairs with circular central spine from Signature Stairs

The Glider ‘central spine’ is a stunning contemporary stairs design that can be incorporated in any living space producing a superb architectural design statement. Called the Glider because its design appears to seamlessly glide from the ground floor up with steps that appear to float mid-air, with great dramatic effect. Immediately the eye is drawn to the staircase as the design creates an attention-grabbing visual. In addition, all central spine support designs from the Signature Stairs range are custom created and fabricated to surpass structural and regulation specifications.

Recent trends in interior design have been towards clean lines and a modern feel – emphasis is placed on key stand out features within neutral backgrounds. The staircase is often one of these key features and the ‘Glider’ range gives the perfect contemporary look to the home.

Signature Stairs - Glider Staircase

Split into two broad categories – the Box Support where steps are supported from the central spine by a single rectangular upright to the underside of the fully clad timber step or Fin-Plate Support styles where the step is supported by a steel fin and only the top of the step is timber clad. Both have different finished balustrade options so the style chosen is up to you.

The Fin-Plate support option makes a more contemporary stairs statement by exposing more of the metal structure of the stairs. This option is most suited to stainless steel & glass balustrades.

Box support option minimizes the visible structure by reducing the size of the support to steps and fully cladding them in solid timber. This option is suitable for frameless glass or stainless steel & glass balustrades.

Note: whichever option you choose all stringer & supports will be filled & primed, ready for finish colour by the client – this ensures your interior pallet can be matched exactly.

Another great advantage of these styles of stairs is that they are suitable to most installations unlike say a ‘cantilever stairs’ which can have very specific requirements for grounds to be fixed to, the Glider generally requires minimum fixing and handles potentially awkward shaped stairs which contain ‘winder’ or ‘kite’ steps particularly well.

Check out our full range of Glider central spine staircase designs.

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