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Why Choose A Steel Staircase Structure?

A steel stairs structure offers an excellent alternative to the traditional all-timber staircase and can be used as an integral part of the overall house design. Steel staircase structures are very versatile design wise and enable certain features which would be difficult if not impossible to achieve in an all timber structure.

There are several benefits to choosing a metal staircase structure. Steel stairs can be both elegant and robust and may also eliminate the need for cumbersome timber.

Steel structure stairs tend to be more contemporary in design and fabricators use the material to achieve designs that maximise the properties of the material. With the right structural specification metal staircase structures are extremely durable and as is the case with all stairs from the Signature Stairs range each is fabricated to last lifetimes making the staircase a long term investment.

As architectural metalwork specialists all our staircase designs are mild steel structures finished with clear toughened glass balustrade, stainless steel balustrade or a combination of both. Steps can be finish clad in high grade natural solid timbers and clients may choose matching timber handrail as an alternative to steel finishes.

Using modern fabrication methods mild steel staircase structures are ideal to achieve the cantilever design. Support to the stairs is concealed/hidden behind the wall finish giving the appearance of no visible support. It’s also perfect for central spine stairs with specially engineered steel central spine supports which is particularly effective for stairs which demand ‘kite’ or ‘winder’ steps.

Where stainless steel is the material used the grade and the finish are important features. The majority of Signature Stairs are fabricated using high brushed finish stainless steel (304 grade stainless for interior use) or mirror finish stainless steel (sometimes incorrectly referred to as chrome). It’s also worth noting that any visible mild steel structures, as in the case of the Inca stairs, the steel has been filled, sanded and finished with high build primer ready to receive the finish colour.

Maintaining Stainless Steel & Cleaning Stainless Steel Elements Of A Stairs

Always use a cleaner formulated specifically for stainless steel materials. There are a number of choices available in all the larger supermarkets. Be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions particularly if they mention applying the cleaner and then drying off – cleaners left on the stainless steel can sometimes leave a mark. It is generally good practice to follow the brush lines of the stainless steel when applying or buffing to achieve the best results.

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