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Cantilever Stairs – Floating To The Next Level

The Cantilever stairs is the most popular choice in the Signature Stairs range, a design that is uniquely tailored for each specific project to suit client requirements, site environment & BS stairs regulations. Features include open rise steps with a solid underfoot feel and no visible support to give a stunning floating step effect and a staircase that will last generations.

The project outlined here features a cantilever floating stairs in a multilevel home. The client wanted the staircase to make a visual statement and be a striking first impression. It certainly ticks all the boxes with floating, open rise steps and glass balustrade allowing light to flow through this stunning house design.

There were several unique elements in this particular project as the cantilever staircase had to be installed over four different levels. Our team of professionals worked closely with the client to deliver a unique, one-off staircase design that would meet both client wishes & regulatory requirements.

The design has four short run flights, each requiring a variation of our cantilever systems, with three different installation methods over the four flights.

The bottom and third flight feature a stringer fixed to a block-on-edge wall with steel support steps. The balustrade is toughened glass with polished edges and the steps are clad with high grade American White Oak hardwood. Outside the balustrade are blocks of matching White Oak which both conceal the glass fixings and give the impression that the glass is sliced into the timber.

For the second flight of cantilever steps the stringer is fixed to a block-on-flat demanding a different detail from the flights above and below. For the top cantilever stairs section there was no wall to fix the staircase to on the right hand side for support. A steel beam stringer was used and later concealed by plasterboard to ensure that all four flights give the same elegant finish with the same solid underfoot feeling to walk.

All landings feature ‘Y’-shaped steel channels which are face fixed to floor finish (at floor level) & concealed with plaster board. The toughened glass balustrade is chemically bonded into this channel.

As with all our stairs, the cantilever glass staircase outlined in this project was designed, crafted & installed to the strictest of standards and structural certification is available for all our products.

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